Protect yourself when working around equipment

When working around excavators and other heavy equipment, it’s important to keep your distance. 

A safety zone of 30 feet in all directions always should be in place. 

Booms and other machinery can swing in any direction at any time and do so quickly. Remember, large equipment can move faster than you may think.  

Safety vests and reflective bands on helmets provide an extra layer of safety. That said, never assume an equipment operator can see you as sun glare and blind spots can always occur. 

Mirrors and backup cameras do reduce the potential for accidents, but equipment operators cannot rely on them exclusively. When in doubt, stop and look. 

In working conditions where a 30-foot safety zone is not permitted, workers must make and maintain visual contact with equipment operators and communicate with them. If you will be working behind equipment, make sure the operator knows and, always have an escape route planned.