Cold weather is coming. Be prepared.

As the seasons change, we must change our routines to stay safe.  

Fall brings wide temperature variations. Mornings are cool, but afternoons still can be warm, especially when laboring. Prepare for that by dressing in layers.  

Check the forecast before leaving for the job site so you will know what to expect. Make sure your clothing is fit for duty. If your gloves and boots get wet, dry them overnight so they are ready for the next day and always have rain gear on hand. 

When winter arrives, be ready for it. Have extra clothing ready in case temperatures drop during the day. With darkness arriving earlier, temperatures can change dramatically in a short time. 

Keep hand warmers with your gear for when they are needed. Use a vehicle to warm up when necessary.  

Stay hydrated! Even on cold or cloudy days, our bodies perspire. We need to replenish.  

Be extra cautious on the roads. Deer are moving and more driving occurs during darkness. Make sure your vehicle – both personal and company – has working lights and adequate antifreeze and windshield washer fluid. 

When cleaning your windshield, make sure the inside is clean, too, to ensure good visibility. 

Watch for black ice and anticipate bridges will freeze before road surfaces.