Reliable and experienced… How West Penn Heavy Haul blows past the competition

It’s no secret why West Penn Heavy Haul has built a reputation for delivering safe and efficient services to the oil field industry.

We’ve been successful because we have assembled a seasoned team, some of whom have worked together for over a decade. The deep familiarity and tight relationships are invaluable.

Crews that have worked together for so long operate seamlessly. They trust each other. They are versatile, and skilled at performing multiple roles. They know what is expected of them, and they exceed those expectations.

At West Penn Heavy Haul, we are selective about who we hire. We value experience because our clients demand and expect that.

Working in such challenging terrain, with steep slopes and all sorts of hazards, requires team members with established track records and deep knowledge.

Members of the Heavy Haul team have worked in the oil and gas industry for 15 years or more. They take pride in what they do and consider themselves partners with our customers. Your rig move is as important to us as it is to you.

Our team is safety conscious. We train and prepare to protect each other and to safeguard the multi-million-dollar rigs and equipment that we are trusted to transport.

We focus on providing intimate, one-on-one service to each customer. That takes time and effort.

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West Penn Heavy Haul expands to meet rising demand for rig moves

Being the market leader for moving rigs and oil field equipment in the Appalachian Basin means there is heavy demand for our services.

To meet that demand, West Penn Heavy Haul recently hired more staff and purchased new vehicles to better serve our customers as the natural gas market booms.

We are pleased to welcome about a dozen new team members – including swampers, loader operators and truck pushers – who are seasoned veterans in our specialized industry. Their experience allowed them to jump right in and provide quality services to customers in Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia. Many of these professionals live in or near West Virginia, increasing our ability to quickly assemble teams for work in that area.

Our fleet grew to include a new Kenworth winch truck. Two other winch trucks will be delivered soon, along with a 5-axle lowboy trailer. They complement our existing fleet of trailers, winch trucks, pole trucks, cranes, loaders and other heavy equipment.

These additions allow West Penn Heavy Haul to significantly expand our services, including the capability to move multiple rigs simultaneously.

There is a reason so many oil and gas companies trust West Penn Heavy Haul to move their rigs. Our dependable team has a reputation for transporting multi-million equipment safely and efficiently, over difficult terrain, in all weather conditions. No move is too challenging for our experts. We take pride in developing creative solutions for any need.

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Rebuilding aging oil and gas pipelines is America’s next big infrastructure need

West Penn Energy Services is ready to meet that challenge

In 2021, our seasoned Pipeline team completed 30 anomaly digs, carefully replacing sections of pipe that no longer passed inspection.

West Penn Energy Services replaced 3,629 feet of 20-inch steel gas transmission line, much of it in demanding conditions. Our crews executed digs on hilly terrain and in areas that were difficult to access with heavy equipment. We are accustomed to managing such difficulties, having served the oil and gas industry in the Appalachian Basin of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio for 30 years. 

Our experience makes West Penn Energy Services well-positioned to partner with clients on their pipeline integrity needs, to ensure they meet DOT standards. 

We make sure anomaly digs get done safely, on time, and in accordance with environmental regulations. We are proud to have logged more than 30,000-man-hours on these jobs last year without incident.

Clients cannot afford to have their pipeline offline for maintenance any longer than necessary. We realize when a line is down, it puts stress on the rest of the system, as residential and commercial end-users must be served temporarily by other lines. 

Strategically planning our digs, we stage equipment and use multiple teams per day to get the job done by the deadline, regardless of the weather. If that means working 14 hours a day, that’s what we do.

While the West Penn Energy Services excavation team is locating and exposing the pipe sections that need to be replaced, the bending team is in the yard fabricating replacement pipeline pieces. Whether it’s a 5-foot-long straight pipe or a 650-foot-long piece with multiple angles, our team has them ready to be installed the minute the old pieces are out of the ground.

Confirming quality controls, X-rays are taken to ensure the stability of the welds and then we apply protective coatings to the new sections, backfill around the pipe and get the gas flowing again.

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Anomaly Dig Work in Action